Wk 3 – part iii – training and development plan: organizational | BSCOM485 Capstone In Communication | University of Phoenix

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Design a communication training plan to improve an Elementary School’s communication process during this critical event.

Assemble your training plan in the format of a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes

Identify a training goal and learning objectives.

  • What are the essential communication skills an Elementary School  must implement to overcome the critical event?
  • What activities or methods will you incorporate into your training to reach your goal and objectives?

Incorporate the following training and development components:

  • Analyze the organization’s culture to determine the communication obstacles.
  • Identify the opportunities for improvement by performing a needs and tasks analysis.
  • Determine which research methods would best assess the organization’s training needs and explain how to conduct this research.
  • Rationalize the need and expense, or return on investment, for training in crisis.
  • Delegate an internal or external training facilitator and justify your choice.
  • Describe how you would assess the training effectiveness by measuring the trainees’ knowledge retention and application.
  • Predict the short- and long-term outcome your training program would have on this Virtual Organization.

Include references from at least three academic sources. Consider referencing the University of Phoenix eBook collection.