Week 8 discussion | Criminal homework help


Musician, producer, and record label owner Mannie Fresh uses the Cloud to store his music tracks and other important files to help his business stay organized and get things done quickly and effectively.

Choose one of the following ways that you use or would like to use the Cloud below and explain why it’s useful to you.

  1. To reduce the need for one specific home base – your files are available everywhere
  2. To be able to share very large files quickly
  3. To share videos and pictures with your family members with ease
  4. To collaborate with someone else on a special project

At a minimum, please respond in a paragraph of at least 5-7 sentences to fully address this question. Then, be sure to respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts, using their first name, with a substantial response. Also, be sure to respond in your own words

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