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Week 3 Assignment – Create a Training Presentation


Select one of the following articles:

As you read, imagine you are asked by the Principal to serve as a champion for issues of diversity and inclusion at your school. Create a one-page policy document and a training presentation in which you share various aspects of diversity and inclusion and their importance to the school. The trainees are the school’s faculty and staff.


Create a policy document and a training presentation. 

Policy Dopcument Requirements:
  • One-page single-spaced Microsoft Word document.
  • Outlines your organization’s policy on diversity and inclusion.
Presentation Requirements:
  • An explanation of diversity and inclusion, including its various components or aspects and examples of what inclusion might look like throughout the school and within individual classrooms with teachers, staff, and students.
  • Strategies for fostering diversity and inclusion within the school environment and classroom setting.
  • Tips for how to deal with situations similar to what is presented in the case study. New policy information for the school (what is outlined in the one-page policy document; refer to the presentation requirements).
  • Includes 10–12 slides. You may use Prezi or PowerPoint to design this presentation.
  • A title slide that includes your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. Note: This slide is not included in the 10–12 slide requirements.
  • A reference slide or slides that include at least four peer-reviewed academic resources. (Please use the Strayer Library to look for these resources.)