Week 1 discussion forum: asking your research question (for your

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  • Construct a text that incorporates critical reading, analyzing, and interaction with sources. 
  • Construct a text that demonstrates an understanding of the elements of argumentation. 
  • Show fluency within the various stages of the writing process.


Asking Your Research Question (For your Researched Argument paper)

Do a Google search on [issues/challenges/struggles/concerns/crises/problems] in [your major/your planned career]. You may have to do several searches with different terms in the bracketed areas. Examples include “Concerns in teaching composition” and “Problems in writing studies.”

This will be the first part of your post: what phrases did you search? 

Then, choose three problems that are of interest to you. They should be problems to which you don’t know the answer and that might have more than one answer. Example: 1) standardized testing; 2) second language learners; 3) implementing technology. 

Discuss how these three problems may impact you in your future career. What are your ideas to deal with these problems? Why do you think they are still problems in the field? 

For your response, give your classmates feedback on which of their questions you think might make a good research argument paper. Give feedback to at least two students addressing at least two of their questions. Keep two factors in mind: 1) Do you think there will be research available on this topic? 2) Can a good argument be made about this topic? (If all Christians would have the same answer to the question, the answer is “no.”)


  • A student’s initial post should be at least 300 words in length.