Watch the video and then answer the questions below.


Buddha and Ashoka: World History Crash Course #6

1. The ____________ are the earliest text of what will come to be known as Hinduism.

2. List the caste system in order, top to bottom.

2. What is dharma?  What were the expectations regarding one’s dharma?

3. The idea behind samsara, or the cycle of re-birth (reincarnation) is that as you die, your soul is being transferred to another living thing as it is being born, and if you fulfilled your dharma, you are re-born into a ________________________.

4. Do you believe in the idea of karma?  Why or why not? Are there any examples from your life to support your answer?

5. The beginning of Buddhism occurs in the 6th century BCE with Siddhartha Guatama.  Summarize the story of his transition from prince to Buddha.

6. The four noble truths are: all life is suffering, the source of suffering is ______________, to stop suffering, you must rid yourself of desire, follow the eightfold path (right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, concentration).

7. Buddhism argues that the _________________________________________ will lead to the order of the world.

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