Visual Art Esaay


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A 2000 words Visual Art Essay that discuss a image.




o essay;2000 words; properly cited information using footnotes and Chicago Manual of Style o paper automatically fails if there are no footnotes

o image page(s) with details about the image and image source

o bibliography: using Chicago Manual of Style


essay content

o strong opening paragraph with an obvious thesis sentence

o strong concluding paragraph at the end of the essay

o specific images selected as examples strongly illustrate & support the paper’s argument

o essay title reflects essay content—and it’s an interesting title



organization & development of ideas; writing style & use of language

o essay “story” unfolds in a logical & coherent way (moving from general ideas to the specific)

o demonstrates critical thinking and engagement with the material

o the writing is clear and concise (no short, choppy sentences; no awkwardly-worded phrases)

o discussion flows smoothly from idea to idea (no shifts in ideas mid-paragraph)

o there are no parts of the essay that require further explanation or elaboration

o there are very few, if any, grammar problems, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, etc.


source material

o a variety of academic sources are used—books, journal articles, and websites




format & miscellaneous

o pagination: essay has page numbers; the title page is NOT paginated

o the font family and size is consistent throughout the essay (including footnotes and biblio)

o 1” margins are used on all sides of the paper o essay spacing: 1.5 or 2

o proper use of apostrophes (it’s = it is; its is a possessive pronoun)

o refer to authors and artists by their last names





formatting for footnotes and bibliography

-Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition:


Common errors to avoid in your writing

-Twelve Common Errors:


-Hit Parade Of Errors In Grammar, Punctuation, And Style: 

also there is previous assignment for this one, you dont have to do the previous one, but you can look it, those two are relative.

to begin your research for your academic research paper:

 o Select 2 research topics that investigate either historical or contemporary visual culture; remember, visual culture, as an academic field, investigates:

o the role(s) that images and visuality play in our society

 o how images, gazes, and looks make meaning socially, culturally, and politically

o how images are integrated with other media

o how visuality shapes power, meaning, and identity in contemporary global culture

 — source: Sturken, “Visual culture,” Oxford Art Online


 o Conduct some initial research to determine if there is enough academic material on your topic; search for academic information in all the following:

 o Books

 o journal (articles)

 o academic websites

o from your sources, create a working bibliography (for an example, see pbworks)



 NOTE: at your upcoming library session, the librarian will show you specific ways to search for information for this assignment T