Use an ide to create and compile a very basic program. please follow

Use an IDE such as Visual Studio or Eclipse for C++ to produce this assignment. In this assignment, you will create an application to select the products to sell. You may use the sample code as the template. Use the following steps to guide your programming work:

  • Create a new C++ empty project titled “CS115_IP1_YourName” in the IDE.
  • Ask customers to enter details such as their names and addresses.
  • Print a welcome message that includes the customer’s name.
  • Provide a list of available products that allow customers to select.
  • Print the selected product or “Thank you” if Exit is selected, and exit the program.
  • If an invalid selection is made, ask the customer to try again.
  • Compile and run the application to demonstrate a working program.
  • Take screenshots to show your code, successful compile, and successful run. Click here for how to make a screenshot on a PC or here on a Mac.
  • Insert the screenshots into a Word document, and add a short explanation on each screenshot.

Finally, save your Word document as “yourname_IP1.docx”. Click the “Edit” button on this submission node to submit the saved document. 


Please follow the instructions in the task that I have provided exactly. This is a rudimentary C++ assignment and I does not require a lot of work. Please write the program, compile it and run. I require a copy of the successfully compiled and tested program. I have provided the sample code. Thank you.

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