University of Delaware Evolution of Business Support Systems Paper


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Question 1.

Write a 2 to 3 page essay describing how business decision support systems have evolved over the past several decades as computer and data capabilities have grown. A Brief History of Decision Support Systems by D.J. Power (Editor, describes the history of decision support systems.Historical Overview of Decision Support Systems (DSS) provides an overview of decision support systems.

Watch Video Implementing Business Intelligence: History Lessons, From Mainframe to Mobile

Duration: (41:24)

Question 2.

Decision Support Systems are the heart of business intelligence applications and are used by key personnel to help facilitate business strategy especially in times of uncertainty and change. Consider an organization that has been in the news lately and the business environment pressures they recently experienced. For this discussion board, please complete the following:Describe the pressures experienced by the company.Describe how the organization responded to those pressures.If you were the key decision maker of this company, what operational areas or periodic measures would you consider monitoring to ensure that your responses are effective and proper.

The video below goes through a hypothetical situation where an airline company must decide which customers will be accommodated when there is limited airline seating. The BSI team considers several factors by linking different database information systems.

Watch VideoBSI: Teradata Case of the Misconnecting Passengers

Duration: (7:48)