Unit 2 assignment | Psychology homework help


Select an Instrument for a Psychological Disorder

In preparation for this assignment, select a psychological test that examines any of the following: pervasive developmental, behavior disorders, substance-related, depression, cognitive-related, or dementia, anxiety, or eating disorders. Find three peer-reviewed articles outside of your textbook on the selected psychological measure of your choice. At least one should discuss historical lineage, prevalence and incidence rates of the disorder(s) and at least one should discuss theoretical concepts of the disorder.

  • Define psychological testing, measurements, and assessments terms associated with diagnosis, scoring/evaluation, and selection
  • Describe the historical lineage, prevalence and incidence rates of the disorder(s) associated with the chosen psychological measure.
  • Based on the articles, discuss the use of your selected measure. 
    • Explain who is qualified to administer and interpret the measure and the settings — such as occupational, academic, clinical, or counseling — in which it would be appropriate to use the measure.
    • Distinguish between the populations’ characteristics for which your selected psychological measure is valid and invalid.
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