U3d1-64 – identify and discuss the goals of data screening and as

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Data Screening

For this discussion, identify the goals of data screening. Then discuss how you can identify and remedy

the following:

• Errors in data entry.

• Outliers.

• Missing data.

Use your IBM SPSS Statistics Step by Step text to complete the following:

• Review “An Introduction to the Example” in Chapter 1. This section provides definitions of SPSS

variables used in your Unit 3 assignment.

• Read Chapter 6, “Frequencies.” This reading addresses the following topics:

◦ Frequencies.

◦ Bar charts.

◦ Histograms.

◦ Percentiles.

• Read Chapter 7, “Descriptive Statistics.” This reading addresses the following topics:

◦ Statistical significance.

◦ The normal distribution.

◦ Mean, median, and mode.

◦ Variance and standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis.

◦ Maximum, minimum, range, and sum.

◦ Standard error.