Transportation forum – please respond by sunday @ 10pm | BUS 0450-02 | San Francisco State University

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Please watch these videos, respond to the discussion questions and provide one peer response. 

1. Public Transit video

a. If you currently rely solely on your personal vehicle for transportation would you consider using public transportation to get around the city? Or even just taking muni in place of driving a few days a week. Why or why not?

2. Walkable Cities video 

a. What are the challenges and downsides of a Walkable City?

3. Electric Cars video

a. Given California’s state goal, what do you believe we will be driving in 2035? How will those goals affect our current CO2 emissions?

Supplemental Resources:

1. American Public Transportation Association:

2. What is a Walkable Place? The Walkability Debate in Urban Design article:

3. Electric Cars and Global Warming Emissions – 2 minute YouTube video