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HRM 3410A – Case Study 1

The purpose of this assignment is to provide executive management the justification for providing the recommended training to employees and receive approval to proceed. 

Management will need to know the following

  1. Why is the training required? This is determined through a needs analysis.
  2. Who requires the training. Which employees? How many employees?
  3. What is the cost of the training? Take into account the time required to create the training and training materials, the cost of the trainer, the time of the employees attending the training, the cost of the venue if the training is done off-site, refreshments or meals, etc.
  4. Is the training required by law?
  5. What is the payback on the training (ROI)? Will there be an improvement in quality, productivity, etc?

The presentation requirements

Prepare a professional presentation (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, Screencast-O-Matic) to present to the executive management team with the justification for providing the training you wish to conduct.

  1. Slide content
    1. Title slide – Remember that this is being presented to the executive team.
    2. Introduction – Describe the need for either modifying an existing training program or implementing a completely new addition to the program.
    3. Present the benefits of each program, including why your organization needs to improve or implement it and outline the key components you plan to include:
      1. Succession planning program
      2. Career development processes, including work-life balance issues
      3. Diversity training
    4. Conclusion – Persuade leaders to support (and possibly add budget) to move forward with your recommended implementation plan for a new or revised training program.
  2. Notes – The detail of what would be your verbal presentation must be represented in the notes section of each slide. 
    1. Demonstrate mastery of the topics
    2. Inform and persuade your audience of your choices
    3. Include citations, as needed
    4. References – any references used may be placed in the notes section of the concluding slide as it is not necessary for the audience to see this list
  3. Professional presentation, clarity of slides 
    1. It is important that the slides be streamlined, interesting, and professional.
    2. Engage your audience by creating an audio presentation instead of using text. Below are two examples of free tools you can use. 
    3. Screencast-O-Matic is a free and easy video creation tool that will bring your presentation to life. Click here to learn more: 
    4. PowerPoint (Microsoft 10) – Click on Insert > Audio > select record audio. Note you can also record audio using other tools on your computer if you use another audio recording tool click on Audio on My PC to upload it. 
    5. The use of an appropriate template, SmartArt to graphically depict information, and the use of graphics to enhance the message is important. Do not just submit a plain PowerPoint deck that is filled with words and bullet-point lists.
    6. The presentation must be interesting and visually appealing and memorable.
    7. Slides should not be overly cluttered and should be easily viewed when presented in a large setting. Use an appropriate font and font size.
    8. Slides must be grammatically correct and free of misspelled words.
  4. Grammar, Spelling, Citation & Reference Formatting – excellent writing and APA citation and reference formatting are expected.

Submitting your assignment:

  1. Submit your recorded presentation and PPT slides to the assignment link for grading and feedback.