The System Being Developed Is An Employee Emergency Contact System

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   Software System design

For this assignment, you will develop 3 proposals for your development strategy, which include outsourcing (buy), insourcing (make), or a combination of both. You will present the pros and cons of each, along with a financial analysis. Finally, you will make a recommendation on which is the best proposal or strategy.

The project deliverables are as follows: Update the System Requirements, Design, and Implementation Specification title page with the new date. Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback. Development Strategy Develop a proposal for each of these approaches: insourcing, outsourcing, and a combination of the two. Present the pros and cons or benefit analysis for each of the 3 proposals. Perform a financial analysis of the total costs for each proposal that includes ongoing support and maintenance. Recommend 1 of these proposals and your reason for selection of that proposal. Remember that this document should contain all of the sections from Weeks 1–4. Name the document “yourname_IT425_IP4.doc.”” “