The law of diminishing marginal utility

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Farah Mohammed’s article, Why Are Diamonds More Expensive Than Water? (Links to an external site.), as well as Chapter 5 in your textbook, especially Sections 5.1 and 5.3, and respond to the following:

  • Describe the relationship between total utility and marginal utility.
  • Explain if marginal utility can be negative.
  • Examine the diamond-water paradox. Why are diamonds more expensive than water?
  • Evaluate the law of diminishing marginal utility.
  • Identify some items, explaining your reasoning, that do not follow the law of diminishing marginal utility.
  • Evaluate how the law of diminishing marginal utility can explain the diamond-water paradox.

The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility paper

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Amacher, R., & Pate, J. (2019). Principles of microeconomics (2nd ed.). Bridgepoint Education.

  • Chapter 4: Elasticity: The Measure of Responsiveness
  • Chapter 5: Demand and Consumer Choice
  • Chapter 6: Market Failure and Government Intervention Policies