Substance abuse disorders | Applied Sciences homework help

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What are some of the medical and sexual health issues which may have   to be addressed in treatment?  How would you go about helping the   client to address them? How would you help promote an HIV/AIDS   client’s knowledge and skills of positive health and recovery?   What would be some high-risk behaviors that would not promote positive   health and recovery? (150 word min and ref)

Select one of the following special topics related to the substance   use disorder field that interests you and discuss briefly.

  1. Documentation (SOAP, DAP, case notes, psychotherapy notes,     intake and discharge summaries)
  2. Suicidality and the     relationship with substance use disorders
  3. Ethics in     substance use disorder treatment
  4. CFR 42 law
  5. Biopsychosocial intake
  6. Termination/discharge/transfer
  7. TASC/probation   involvement
  8. Insurance, Affordable Care Act, TriCare/ChampVA,     benevolence programs, free medicine programs (C15)
  9. PTSD and     SUD comorbidity
  10. Handling crisis, dangerous situations,     safety measures (150 word min and ref)

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