Stock market evaluation | Accounting homework help

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Using a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, create a file to collect information about all three stocks including in the industry of the company you have selected. You will need to identify: (1) the name of the stock; (2) the ticker symbol for the stock; (3) the exchange on which the stock is traded 


Pretend you have purchased the stocks and identify (4) the date of purchase for each stock; (5) the purchase price of each stock; (6) the number of shares purchased (you will buy equal shares of each stock) 


You will now track the price and activity of the stock for the past four weeks. What is the closing price each Friday over the past four weeks? List the prices and be sure to include the prices under the correct dates on your spreadsheet. 


What are the factors you notice that affect the cost of the stock? Is one company more consistent than the others? Has one company had more growth? How did the transition of power in the office of the U.S. President effect the stock price if at all? Use the information you gathered to make an analysis of the companies and market. 


Having trouble finding a stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)? Visit their home page at or for all stocks listed on the NYSE.  

Having trouble finding a stock listed on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)? Visit their home page or for a company listing.