Stereotype threat articles | Human Resource Management homework help


Stereotype Threat Articles

According to Steele (2010), there have been over 15 years of research in the area of stereotype threat. The Capella library holds over 44,000 entries with stereotype threat in the title. Refer to the journal articles you located in the Unit 8 study. Summarize the articles’ discussion of stereotype threat:

  • Describe the population that is experiencing stereotype threat.
  • Discuss the performance area of the stereotype threat (math, verbal, analytic, and IQ test performance, language, sports, and so on).
  • Summarize viewpoints or findings of the author (or authors) regarding stereotype threat.
    • Discuss any personal experience of stereotype threat you may have in this performance area.
  • Indicate whether you believe the disenfranchised racial, ethnic, religious, or cultural group you identified for your course project has ever experienced stereotype threat in this performance area.
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