State machine controlled transistor project | Computer science

Your final project will be an extension of Board IO and State Machine (Labs 10 and 11). You will expand on these labs and customize them to make something unique (i.e. design your own state machine to do something useful or fun). 


You may incorporate any of these features of the SJOne Board: 


 Acceleration sensor (3-axis)  Light Sensor  Temperature Sensor  Infrared Sensor  4 push-buttons  4 mini-LEDs  2x 7-segment LED display  USB/Serial for data input/output 


In addition, you will use a power MOSFET (transistor) to control (turn on/off) an external DC-powered device, such as a motor or LED flashlight using the General Purpose IO pins of your microcontrollers.  


A typical project might be a temperature control system that turns on a fan when the temperature sensor measures a value over a certain threshold. The state machine might allow a user to switch between “automatic mode,” “manual on/off mode,” and “configuration mode” by pressing the board’s buttons.  


Optionally, you can include a feature to control the speed of the fan (or brightness of the LED) by implementing Pulse Width Modulation.  


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