Speaking anxiety journal assignment | CMNS 101

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Follow the link to Complete the self-assessment “Personal Report on Communication Apprehension” 


and also complete the self-assessment “Speech Anxiety Symptoms” in Chapter 11 of the Understanding Human Communication textbook. [Scores on the PRCA Survey can range from 24-120. Scores below 51 represent people who have very low CA. Scores between 51-80 represent people with average CA. Scores above 80 represent people who have high levels of trait CA]

Afterwards, write two paragraphs describing your comfort level in public speaking and how you will manage anxiety.  Use the following prompt to write your responses in the journal.

Do you feel your anxiety level is helpful or unhelpful?  Why

What experiences have influenced your comfort level?

Do any of the fallacies described in the book apply to your way of thinking?  If so, which ones?

What do you think will be most effective at making sure you don’t feel overly anxious in front of a crowd?

Look above to click or create journal or click to launch above to write your reflection.

This journal is due Sunday, September 27