Socw 6121 week 8 – assignment: human trafficking | SOCW 6121 – Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice II | Walden University


Assignment: Human Trafficking

Group therapy is one of the most successful interventions for adolescents. This is because of the nature of this stage of development and the need to belong to a group. Hearing the stories of other teens and knowing that their experiences and feelings are similar is very therapeutic. Another characteristic of the adolescent stage is a short attention span, so the clinical social worker should tailor exercises that initiate and sustain discussion for adolescents.

For this Assignment, watch the “Bradley” video.

In a 600-word paper, identify two opening exercises that you might recommend for a group of adolescent girls who were victims of human trafficking.

  • Describe the exercises in      detail so that another social worker would be able to implement them.
  • Explain ways these exercises      might be effective in creating a comfortable environment for these teenage      girls.
  • Support your rationale with      the literature. For example, what does the literature say about teenage      girls who have been arrested for prostitution/human trafficking and who      openly discuss their experiences?
  • How do these exercises      promote group cohesion and encourage these teens to talk openly?
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