So, please help me write a good proposal article so that i can find


I need help to write with invitation that I will be post it on eventbrite, meetup and local classified add.

I am looking to recruit co-founder and also offering internship opportunity for someone who is specialize in php-coding, C++, Java script and website development personals. My location for this local meetup is in Stamford, CT. 

Whoever interest they can contact me for meet up reservation. 

I will adding my business address and contact info myself, thanks!


I forgot to tell you what is my business is all about so that you can help me write a good recruitment proposal!

My business is an open & free online social reviews platform and Ecommerce. Where consumer can come in and do a reviews for any products or services that they have purchased from anywhere, off-line or online. and in the future we’ll also have ecommerce platform for vendors to sell and market their products as well.

The ideal target consumers and vendors would be eco-friendly products, green products, environment concern individuals and businesses, ect

My mission and vision that I started this platform because I’ve sees so many wastage products in the world and pilled up in our landfill and ocean! I am very concern and want to make an improvement on over-flow of unsold products in the market. I want to use this platform to create Environment Awareness and welcome all he consumers to tell the manufacture and businesses of what kind the products that they want more of and what kind of products they want less of and is in the middle, we bring consumers and vendors together to be able to connect and gain real honest feed back. The ultimate goal of this platform is to make the win, win situation for everyone; consumers, businesses and our planet earth!

So, please help me write a good proposal article so that I can find similar like-minded team to build Shopozer movement, thanks!


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