Short story assignment due in 4 days


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Read TWO (2) of the short stories attached in the short story selection file.

  • Write a 1½–2 page summary of each of the short stories, identifying main characters, the major conflict, and resolution.
  • Identify one secondary source of information for each of the short stories. For example, use may find an article about the short story (online or print), information about the author, or other critical comments. You should have two different sources of information.
  • Include the information on a separate Works Cited page and document the information in MLA documentation.

Your summary should be submitted in the appropriate MLA format and should follow all rules and guidelines for appropriate submission.

Your Work Cited page for each short story should be on a separate page. 

Your summary should NOT include your personal interpretation of the short story nor should it include secondary sources with complimentary.