Searching Algorithms

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Programming Language C++

Must use Visual Studio 2017/2019


A local library hired you to create a program that will help them organize their book collection. Their collection consists of 3500 books. They would like to sort the books in alphabetical order, so users can find specific book faster. 

For this project, create a menu-driven, Console application that will read the data from a text file, store the data in the linked list, and then use an insertion sort to sort the data into alphabetical order.

Each field in the text file will be stored in a separate line. Starting the application will cause creation of a linked list, with one node corresponding to one book. Each node will contain the following information: author, title, publisher, description, ISBN, and year published. Furthermore, when started, the application will present a welcome message with the current date and a menu with the following items:

·  Add new book: program adds the book to the list and to the text file

·  Remove book: program removes the book from the list and from the text file

·  Remove All: program deletes list

·  Sort: program reads the data from the text file, creates and sort the list by the author

·  Search by Author:  program uses sequential search and searches a list of books for the specific author’s name

·  Search by Title:  Program uses sequential search and searches a list for the title specified

·  Search by ISBN:  Program uses sequential search, and searches a list for the specified ISBN number