Scenario 19549103

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To help the team prepare for the meeting, your manager asks you (and your colleagues) to consider and record your responses the following questions: What is the nature of the alleged crime, and how does the nature of the crime influence a prospective investigation? Based on the limited information provided in the scenario, what is the rationale for launching an investigation that uses computer forensic activities? Would D&B and/or law enforcement need additional information in order to determine if they should proceed with an investigation? Why or why not? What would you share with the client about how investigators prepare for and conduct a computer forensics investigation? Identify three to five key points that are most relevant to this case. What sources of evidence would investigators likely examine in this case? Provide concrete examples and explain your rationale. What should the client, investigators, and others do—or not do—to ensure that evidence could be used in a court of law? Using layman’s terms, explain laws and legal concepts that should be taken into account during the collection, analysis, and presentation of evidence. What questions and concerns do you think the client will have? What questions should the team ask the client to learn more about the case and determine the next steps?