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Today’s lecture is simple: complete your “new” resume. Be sure you have gone over all of the lecture notes; be sure you have gone through the power-point slides; be sure you have reviewed the web-links I added; be sure you have examined the SAMPLE RESUMES I added to the resume section; be sure you have watched the RESUME VIDEO Lecture I posted. 

When you have done all of these things, you should know exactly what a modern, fresh, 21st Century resume LOOKS like and does. You should know exactly how to transform your old, tired, vague resume into a business document that has something to say, LOOKS good, and it well-written!

Your resume MUST do this:

1. Begin with a Highlights or Qualifications section – this section must list several, specific examples of your qualifications for any job.

2. Your resume must eliminate vague, old, tired, meaningless terms: do not use computer efficient, dedicated, loyal, multi-tasker, team-player, customer service. These terms can ONLY be added to your resume IF they are followed by a specific EXAMPLE. The resume lecture and power-point slides explain this concept in detail.

3. Your resume must be “accomplishment” driven. DO NOT list your duties or responsibilities when discussing your employment history. Potential employers do not want to know what you do/did – they want to know how WELL you do/did your job. This concept is also explained in detail in the lecture notes and power-point slides.