Resume and cover letter | English homework help

  For this assignment, Find an advertisement for a job. This can be a job you are hoping to apply for soon.  You will create an up-to-date professional ‘resume and cover letter’ for a specific current job posting.  

 IMPORTANT: You will need to include a link to this ad or a picture of it with your cover letter document.

  Write the resume in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Create your own letterhead that you will use for both your resume and cover letter 

 Do not use resume/cover letter templates in MS Word. Please do not use any other templates you have to write it from the scratch of your own.

  1.  Follow the business letter format for your cover letter. Cover letter sample is also attached below (must see). Write a cover letter that is specific to the job ad you are providing me with. Make sure you tailor your letter to the specific needs of the company and position. You need to get the name of the person you would apply to, company name, and address for your cover letter. (This might require a bit of research.)  Sometimes, there is not a specific person that you address the letter to listed in the ad, so you need to investigate. You might use “Hiring Manager” or “Search Committee Members,” if you are unable to find a specific. 

  You want to consider how using bold text, lines, italics, and bullet points help to make your content clear and visually pleasing on the resume.

Please follow the Rubric.

I have my resume attached please make adjustments and specific modifications to make it look like a professional one.

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