Residency Power Point Presentation

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 Operations security – PPT should cover below questions (chapter 1 to 6)

Compare & Contrast access control in relations to risk, threat and vulnerability. Research and discuss how different auditing and monitoring techniques are used to identify & protect the system against network attacks.  Explain the relationship between access control and its impact on CIA (maintaining network confidentiality, integrity and availability). Describe access control and its level of importance within operations security. Argue the need for organizations to implement access controls in relations to maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability (e.g., Is it a risky practice to store customer information for repeat visits?) Describe the necessary components within an organization’s access control metric.

Power Point Presentation 7 – 10 slides total (does not include title or summary slide) Try using the 6×6 rule to keep your content concise and clean looking. The 6×6 rule means a maximum of six bullet points per slide and six words per bullet point Keep the colors simple Use charts where applicable Use notes section of slide Include transitions  Include use of graphics / animations