Research Report 19602803

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The report should contain the following:

  Try to use AWS and DEVOPS Concepts

· Brief summary of the software engineering tools used in development including IDE, frameworks, and software quality assurance tools.

· Discussion of related software quality assurance theories and practices related to the project development

· Critical review of the software quality assurance tools and techniques used in the development and real practice experiences in the overall software development lifecycle.

· Discussion on future work if the project goes beyond the level defined in the coursework specification. 

The Report should:

· Follow a logical Structure (Abstract, Preface, Main body, Conclusions, References )

· All sources should be acknowledged and fully referenced, including URLs etc. where appropriate

· Any quotations (from other sources) should be clearly marked as such, and referenced

· Be of publishable quality

The Report should contain 12-15 PAGES and 3500 – 4500 Words