Research Paper 19704165

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Select a topic from the following list on which you would like to conduct an in-depth investigation: Information systems infrastructure: evolution and trends  Strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations  Big data and its business impacts  Managerial issues of a networked organization  Emerging enterprise network applications  Mobile computing and its business implications 

Note: The above topics are also the basis of the discussion questions. You may use up to three resources found by yourself or your peers as peers as resources for the paper. 

Research paper basics:  8-10 pages in length  APA formatted  Minimum six (6) sources – at least two (2) from peer reviewed journals  Include an abstract, introduction, and conclusion  See rubric for more detailed grading criteria 

Some good questions to ask yourself before turning in your research paper:  Is the paper of optimal length?  Is the paper well organized?  Is the paper clear and concise?  Is the title appropriate?  Does the abstract summarize well?  Are individual ideas assimilated well?  Are wording, punctuation, etc. correct?  Is the paper well motivated?  Is interesting problem/issue addressed?  Is knowledge of the area demonstrated?  Have all key reference been cited?  Are conclusions valid and appropriate?