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Assume that Circuit City hired you as the new chief information officer (CIO) to help relaunch the company into a global e-commerce multinational company. Write a paper containing the IT strategic plan that will address Circuit City ecommerce initiatives. The following information should be covered in the presentation. 

1. History of Circuit City 

2. What were the issues and challenges that caused the collapse of Circuit City in 2009? 

3. What are the issues and challenges with Circuit City 2018 latest e-commerce initiative? 

4. Discuss the major competitors in global e-commerce. 

5. How would IT deliver value to the business? 6. Proposed the IT infrastructure required to support global e-commerce 

7. Proposed the IT budget for the e-commerce initiative 

8. Discuss the IT based risks associated with global e-commerce 

9. Discuss how IT can leverage innovative technologies such as social media, big data and business intelligence to provide value to the business 

10. Discuss the future or emerging technologies that would be leveraged to give Circuit City a competitive advantage.

12 pages excluding citations. Paper must be in APA format with Introduction, History, Methodology, Issues and challenges, Conclusion