Religion | Literature homework help

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This is the homework that all you do is to answer the questions by reading the documents that I upload. And here is the requirement:


please read Smith: Buddhism, and the document on Buddhism. 

–  Like the previous religions, read first Smith and make a list of the important information you have. Then complete with the document on Buddhism. Pay particularly attention to: the period, the historical context, the important events of the period, the founder, his life, his deeds, his teaching, his disciples, his writings, his death, and what happened after his death, and how his thoughts were carry out till now?  

– On Wednesday, will work in groups to make one list of information for each group. Send your personal work by mail, but the group work on Isidore!

– At the end of your group work answer the following question: would you like to be a Buddhist? Why or why not? (for the documents, see attachments or e-reserves).