Reflection paper | Social Science homework help

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After reading chapter 4 in your textbook,  please write a 6-8  page reflection paper. Be sure to include 5 additional sources, such as books and peer-reviewed articles.  Be sure to address all areas in your response.

  • Define the concept of workforce diversity and identify the major categories of legally protected employees and general guidelines for supervising a diverse workforce. 
  • How does one best supervise a diverse workforce? Take into consideration the following.
    • Explain the issues involved in supervising employees of other races and ethnicities than yourself. 
    • Discuss factors that are important when supervising employees who identify as other genders than yourself.
    • Discuss factors that are important when supervising employees who have different sexual orientation than yourself.
    • Identify and discuss legal and other considerations of supervising employees with different physical and mental abilities.
    • Discuss the considerations of supervising older workers and managing an intergenerational workforce.
    • Describe the unique challenges of supervising globally dispersed employees.
  • How do you need to adjust your management style to meet the needs of your employees as unique individuals? 
  • How is your work as a supervisor and your ability to work with diverse employees connected to the Social Work Code of Ethics?