Proposal and annotated bibliography | English homework help

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Topic: Introduction of Afrobeat dance in a course program of PGCC(community college)




The proposal has two parts, the written summary of what your topic/research is about and a list of 10  sources, each citation followed by a summary of each of the ten sources.

1)  Introduction:  a brief articulation of the proposal (i.e. remind your readers of the purpose of your project).

2)  Provide an overview of the topic and then move to a more specific statement (thesis). The proposal can be 2 pages.

3) Give the citation for your article (in MLA format) and then provide a summary breakdown. You need 10 sources. 

4) In the proposal add some images or links to illustrate your thoughts.


The format of the proposal can be in APA style or MLA style. But, each citation for your 10 articles in the annotated bibliography should be in MLA format.


The proposal will be 2 pages. Followed by an annotated bibliography (10 sources).