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You should develop a   project proposal that includes project identification, a project plan, a   schedule and budget with appropriate justification. The contents of this   assignment may be related to the previously prepared case study or a new   project. The maximum word-count of this assignment is 1500 words and should   include references from peer-reviewed sources (i.e. books and academic   Journals) formatted using the Harvard referencing style. 


The following is a format suggestion for the   project proposal: 

• Project purpose or justification, 

• Measurable project objectives and   related success criteria, 

• High-level requirements, 

• Assumptions and constraints, 

• High-level project description and   boundaries, 

• High-level risks, 

• Summary milestone schedule, 

• Summary budget, 

• Stakeholder list, 

• Project approval requirements (i.e.,   what constitutes project success, who decides the project is successful, and   who signs off on the project), 

• Assigned project manager,   responsibility, and authority level, and 

• Name and authority of the sponsor or   other person(s) authorizing the project charter. 


• Explain the role of   project management inside the organization 

• Offer knowledge on how   and why to apply project management 

• Review the roles and   responsibilities 

Due date 

Date:7 May 2021 

Time: 23:59 


Weight towards final   grade 

This activity has a   weight of 60% towards the final grade.