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Unit IV Discussion Board Question no cover sheet, no reference just answer the question

Watch the video Learning in MyPsychLab. The link to the video is in the Required Reading area of Unit IV. Once you have viewed the video, answer the following questions.
Do you believe it is okay to use the promise of a pleasurable consequence or reward to modify your own behavior or the behavior of others? Why, or why not? Discuss how your answer compares to that of others in the video. Link:…

repond to this comment no cover sheet, no reference, just respond
Personally, I do believe that a pleasurable consequence or reward is fine as long as it does not go overboard. I see nothing wrong with motivating yourself to push through certain obstacles. If a job can motivate you to reach a certain goal for a bonus than why should it be an issue that you deliver a personal bonus to yourself.
Going overboard would be like when I graduate medical school I will purschase myself a BMW that costs $120,000. Seeing as though after medical school you have residency; you will have rewarded yourself with a car you currently can’t afford with hopes of affording it a few years from now. As long as the reward is not binding future issues then in moderation is fine.