Paper On Gamifications Impact On Agile Software Development

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 Write a Min 3 to 5 pages of Research topic and Paper Presentation as below, 

* Use sub-heading as in Template

* Can refer to References- But need to write about GAP in Topic…

* APA format

* Plagiarism-Free

Gamification’s Impact on Agile Software Development: 

*  Provide a synopsis of current research in this area. If you can’t find it’s use in Agile, great, that would be a fine literature gap to address, but you’ll need to address the issue of gamification on some sort of work process or processes, and future research recommendations that lead to you looking at gamification’s impact on Agile for the first time. 

*  You have to use published works that point toward your project; you can’t declare a gap in the literature because you couldn’t find anything.


*  McClean, A. (2015) An Exploration of the Use of Gamification in Agile Software Development. Dissertation, Technological University Dublin, 2015.

*  Avedon, E. 1981, “The structural elements of games”, The psychology of social situations. Selected readings, , pp. 11-17.