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Please read the paper “

eBay: An E-Titan Success Story

” first(this paper is located in Doc Sharing of

D2L)and then apply your findings to write the paper

Required at least TEN pages’ FULL content with Word size 12 and

double-spaced (title page and references are excluded)


Please follow the detailed structure exactly (listed

in the following table) to write your paper

The due date for team paper is May 1, 2021. 

IMPORTANT: will be used to check the submitted papers. 

No paper will be accepted for 

grading if the percentage is greater than 30%.

For a grade “A” project, its turnitin must be 

less than 10%. Paper must be in a good writing (without major grammar errors), good transition, good 

structure, readable, and convincing. 

All works must be completed on time. Late works will not be