Oe Case Paper It Governance And Security Culture

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Week 6 case paper-IT Governance and Security Culture


Week 6 case paper: IT governance and security culture

85 Points Possible                                                    

APA format is required – USE THE APA 7 TEMPLATE.

Building on your case project, for week 6 you will research best practices in IT governance and methods for building an IT security culture within the organization. Follow the video links provided and research ITIL and COBIT systems, and determine which may best work for your organization. If your organization already utilizes one of these systems, describe how it has been deployed and what the impacts have been on the organization overall. In addition, following the required reading for this week, evaluate the importance of establishing an IT security culture within your organization, and describe your basic plan for getting started. If your organization already employs best practices in security culture, describe what they do and how it works.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages (not including the cover page or final references page), including in-text headings for the topics addressed, and in-text citations matching the references given at the end of the paper.

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