Nutrition unit 5 assignment | Article writing homework help

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Individuals between the age of 18 and 34 years old are most likely to binge drink which increases their likelihood to engage in risky behaviors. Some dangers of binge drinking include abuse, rape, drunk driving, and other poor decision making.

Instructions: Upload to VoiceThread a 3-minute public service announcement video of yourself describing one of the dangers of binge drinking. This video should be created with a target audience of college students in mind. Also include some techniques to prevent binge drinking in college and where someone can go to get help if they are a heavy drinker.

If your video will contain anyone other than yourself, be sure to inform your interviewee they will be videotaped and the video will be uploaded in a forum for class viewing.

Audio, visual and clarity will be evaluated in addition to content – see the attached rubric for exactly how your score will be calculated.