Ntc260 2020

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Refer to the Week 5 Required Learning Activities: The Cloud Adoption Playbook, Ch. 9 Risk Thinking for Cloud-Based Application Services, Ch. 8 Lynda.com®: Wireframing for Product Managers.

The President and Board of Directors accept your proposal and are ready to adopt the cloud solution recommendation. You are asked to write a message for the company’s internal website to a diverse workforce announcing the new solution.

Provide the following in your announcement: A brief background of the problem The recommendation Why the change is needed now The business benefits (to employees and community) An explanation of the identification of the service portfolio management and service operation management process A diagram or graph illustrating the advantages and cost savings of the cloud solution (This can be done using Microsoft® Visio® or another program.)

Create your message as a multimedia-rich 20-slide presentation

Note: The term “multimedia-rich” presentation typically means including several of the following: appropriate charts, diagrams, graphics, images, or video or audio samples.

Provide at least two references to support your announcement. References should be formatted according to APA guidelines.