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Write a 4–5 page paper in which you:

  • Determine two leadership theories and two leadership styles that support the definition of a public leader. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Discuss the differences, if any, between successful leaders in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Cite experiences and research to support your assertions.
  • Some think leadership is a born ability. Some think leadership can be learned. Some think leadership is a product of a need or challenge. What do you think? Cite experiences and research to support your assertions.
  • Include at least four peer-reviewed references (at least one must be no more than 3 months old) from material outside

Follow all directions given above and stay on the topic

Follow the APA format in reference to title page, page numbers, citations, ect

The references should be 4 and no older than 3 months; scholarly journal sources

The assignment should be 5 full pages not to include title page. 

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