National Paralegal College EPA Violations Paper


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1. Harriet Homemaker likes to use her barbeque to make dinner for her family. Harriet, however, uses lighter fluid, and wastes a lot of it. She disposes of half-full lighter fluid bottles in her kitchen garbage and the garbage men take them away when she puts her trash out for collection. Harriet’s ex-husband reports her to the EPA for violating provisions of RCRA. What is the likely result?

2. You are working as a paralegal for the law office of Daniel Kaffe. Nathan Jessup, a local entrepreneur who is in the business of transporting various flammable liquids, calls to set up an immediate appointment to discuss a potential issue. At the time, Mr. Kaffe is out of town and will not be returning for a couple days. Later that day, Jessup comes in to speak with you about the situation. Jessup tells you that one of his trucks that was transporting 1,000 gallons of highly flammable liquids overturned near a local school. He is not sure what to do and asks you for your advice. Given the urgency of the matter, what should you instruct Jessup to do?

An IRAC-style essay is NOT necessary for the assignment.