Multicultural matrix and analysis worksheet (attached)

  The following 3 parts are to be done in the worksheet attached. The worksheet attached needs to be used

Part 1: Matrix

Using Ch. 10 of Sociology in Modules (attached) and your own Internet research, select and identify six different ethnic groups. Complete the matrix for the groups you identified. 


Part 2: Analysis

Write a 350- to 700-word analysis of the advantages of a multicultural society and labor force. Include specific examples related to at least three of the ethnic groups you identified in Part 1. Use the following questions to guide your writing:

· How has U.S. society influenced these ethnic groups’ mindset and identity? 

· How has each group been stereotyped? How accurate are these stereotypes?

· How do the social concepts of prejudice, discrimination, and privilege affect multicultural groups? 

· How do the behavior and thinking patterns in U.S. society (biases, stereotypes, discriminatory practices) affect multicultural groups, especially regarding class systems and employment?

Part 3: References

Include references formatted according to APA guidelines.

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