Movie Charity Event Project

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Write a program in C language.You are hosting a Movie Charity Event and want to capture what  percentage of the sales will be donated to the charity group. The  program should calculate total cost for the number of movie tickets sold  for Adults and Children.  You must use a loop to keep asking if they want to buy more tickets. You must use at least ONE function that you create (hint: use one for the ticket sales) You should have totals for:  Total number of Adult Movie Tickets sold Total number of Children Movie Tickets sold Total dollar amount that is due from the individual Percentage for the charitable contribution (45% goes to charity) Hints and Suggestions:  You can set your own movie prices – for example, adult ticket is $15 At the end, it prints out the total dollar amount spent on sales for  all Movie Tickets. The percentage is then calculated, so the charity  group knows how much money they will receive.

Here is what the output looks like.