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Question Set 1: 

Describe intersectionality and discuss its major components. What were the major concepts behind the activities that were featured in our class? What did you take away, as an individual, from these activities? What examples do you have of intersectionality from your own life? How does intersectionality relate to the LGBTQ community?

Question Set 2: 

Explain how same-sex desire and activity was regarded in ancient Greece and discuss the classical same sex relationship. Explain what was accepted and permissible. Provide examples of same-sex relationships in ancient Greek literature and art. How were same-sex relationships expressed in Ancient Rome and how did they differ from those in Greece?  What was the attitude in both cultures regarding lesbian relationships?

*Note: be careful of sources!

The Gay Star News article “The Truth about Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome” is not an acceptable article for this essay. It contains many inaccuracies and is a popular opinion piece with no verifiable author or sources. I will deduct points if you use this as a source.