Logstics Support (Case Study)


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Your rural community of 10,000 main employer- a large agricultural chemical processing plant- is struck by a large fire. Due to the nature of the chemicals, the fire may last for days. Emergency Management has decided to tell citizens to shelter in place versus to evacuate. The incident has drawn responders from a large area, and most arrive ill equipped for a sustained operation. Further complicating the issue is water runoff from fire suppression into the town’s only source of water. Discuss how you would support both the citizens and the providers while being aware of sheltering, along with limited movement because of the fire. Do not be concerned about the potential exposure- focus on the logistic support.

7 papers (No abstract is needed)

APA format.

10 Academic References not older than ten years. (I have uploaded some important references).

I upload the word document please complete on it.