Lides1) 3 slides (0.5 point), 2) originality (0.5 point), 3) clear


This is a speech paper draft. You need to complete three slides (I will provide an example). When this speech is about the movie “the eye”, you need to write down some movie characteristics in the background, and finally ask for the analysis of the movie. You need to quote a paragraph from the required reading and also provide an explanation. This is a speech script that does not require too complicated vocabulary and sentences.


  • Content: analyze a scene from the film you choose on any theme related to ghostly matters that we covered or will cover in this class (i.e. transnationalism, supernatural femme fatale, nostalgia, etc.), identify an argument from a required reading (with direct quotations) and discuss how it relates to your analysis.
  • Format3 PowerPoint slides with images or film clips.
  • Deadline: submit to the Canvas by 3pm the day before your presentation day (i.e. present on Wednesday, submit slides to the Canvas by 3pm on Tuesday of that week),
  • Length: keep the presenting time between 8-10mins and be prepared for a short Q&A session.
  • Submission: all students need to upload slides (ppt or pptx) to Canvas if you choose to present during class time . Students who cannot present during class time need to use “media recordings” to submit presentation as well before the deadline.

lides1) 3 slides (0.5 point), 2) originality (0.5 point), 3) clear and specific argument (1 points), 4) quotation that supports your argument (0.5 point), 5) elaboration or film analysis (1 points)

3.5 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePresentation1) show face (0.5 point), 2) clarity and coherence (0.5 point), 3) slides with image (0.5 point)

1.5 pt


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