Lean Body Hacks Review


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Yes, there are quite a few areas where you may need a supplement. You know supplements can be expensive. Some may be dangerous. It depends on the kind of vitamins and minerals you are talking about. 

You know they break down into water soluble and fat-soluble and there are the vitamins they call oil soluble. There are four of them, vitamins A, D, E, and K. Typically there is more concern with the oil soluble vitamins because they are not excreted from your body, unlike the water soluble vitamins like B and C, the excess will get flushed but with the oil soluble vitamins the excess is retained in your body.

That can get to be a problem if you are for some strange reason taking excessive amounts of let’s say vitamin D for example. I think the recommendation is 400 international units. Well there have been people that have taken many multiples of that like 25,000 international units of that and there are health consequences for doing that.