Kfc case study- | Management homework help

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1. Analyze the case and determine the factors that have made KFC a successful global business.

2. Why are cultural factors so important to KFC’s sales success in India and China?

3. Spot the cultural factors in India that go against KFC’s original recipe.

4. Why did Kentucky Fried Chicken change its name to KFC?

5. What PESTEL factors contributed to KFC’s positioning?

6. How does the SWOT analysis of KFC affect the future of KFC?

Points to be considered: 

1. Please follow  6th edition of the APA Format.

2. On separate page, the word “Abstract,’ centered on paper followed by 75-100 word overview.

3. References needs to be Peer Reviewed Articles. 

4. This assignment should be 15-20 pages excluding the title and reference pages.  The paper should contain at least one graph, figure, chart, or table.

5. Please use the questions as Headings for the topics in the Paper.

I have attached the case study document below.