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After you gain familiarity with the Eclipse environment, you are  going to write a very simple Java program, and run it using Eclipse.  Following is the sample code.

Note that the name of the following Java program is  The spelling of HelloWorld must be exactly the same as to the word next  to “public class.” Be careful about the upper and lowercase, in Java,  uppercase and lowercase does make a difference. And by tradition, the  first letter of the class should be in upper case.

public class HelloWorld


        public static void main(String[] args)


                 System.out.println(“Hello World, this is my first Java class”);



Case Assignment

Write a java program to display a greeting message and name it as The message needs to include the following information:  your name, city you live in, your profession, and what you would like to  do in your spare time etc. Once you are done with debugging and running  the program, copy a screen shot of the output along with the java  program, paste it to a word document, and submit the word document to  dropbox.

Note: use sample program as reference to prepare for this programming assignment.

Assignment Expectations

• The program should use both System.out.print and System.out.println methods
• The program has no compiling errors.
• The program displays the greeting message required.

********PLEASE READ **********

******* Please submit (upload) your Case and SLP assignments in two files:
1.  A screenshot of the full Eclipse window, with the (numbered) source  code and the output clearly visible. The screenshot should be taken and  pasted into the Word (LibreOffice etc.) document and submitted as .DOCX  file.
 The output is typically displayed in the console below the source code or to the right of the source code.
Make sure all is included in your screenshot.  

2. You also have to upload your source code as a separate .TXT file  (written in Word, WordPad or similar, (but not in Notepad). Another  option is to include your source code as a plain text in the .DOCX  document referred to in (1).

3. You DO NOT need to submit .JAVA file.

You are required to place comments in your JAVA source code.